Thursday, May 11, 2006

11th May 2006

Last day In
Today is the last day for i'm working in the Isentric. Happy to live but also sad coz can't meet all my friends here. I'm not here but my heart still here b'coz lot's of memories are here. Hehehe...Thank you for Isentric to give me chance to do my praktical lesson in here and exspecially to Nik...b'coz of you..i'm here in Isentric. Whatever happened in here...i want to say sorry for what mistake that i have done. But thank you also Nik, Yuen, and Fendi coz teach me a lot of thing also that word "siau" that correct? i don't know how to spell that word, Thanks for everyone...and Goodbye. If we have a time, we can meet one day. Love you all...bye

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